which industry is growing in india?

     Four Most Growing Industries in India.

Most employable careers in India

       Hi Friends, here we are publishing 4 most Growing Industries which have a wide scope for employment in India. India has under developing country and growing very fast.
In India has huge opportunities for employment but the real situation is unemployment has increased. the main reason behind this situation is we are unable to see real employment opportunities in India. friends, before we start we are requesting you to share this post with your friends for helping them to build a successful career.

Most Employable career sectors are:- 

1.   Travel and Tourism:-   

Travel and Tourism are one of the biggest industry in the world and it has a wide scope for employment in India. India has a special reason for the growth of this industry because India has the Richest country world over for his natural and cultural beauty. with increasing worldwide interest in travel and with the Government encouragement of its activities, it is undergoing the massive expansion. This forecasts a bright future for all those who choose to make a career in travel and tourism. Young people with drive a capacity for hard work can rise to the top positions very quickly in travel and tourism. A job in the industry gives good returns as well as perk including the opportunity to see many locales at low prices. some of the specialized forms of tourism are Eco-tourism, Health tourism, Cultural tourism, Destination tourism, and Leisure tourism etc. the jobs in the travel sectors are diverse in nature. Some of the job profiles of professionals in the field are travel agents, ticket agents, tour operators, and tourist guides etc. Travel and tourism one of the worlds largest foreign exchange earner among industries provides employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly through many associated service industries. 

2. Hotel Management:- 

                                    Hotel and Catering industry holds a promising future for career seekers. The liberalization of trade and the opening up of the economy will further lead to revolutionary growth in this sectors. all this involves frequent traveling by businessmen, traders, industrialists, bureaucrats, and tourist etc. necessitating places to stay away from their homes. They require food and catering services. In turn, it gives rise to the demand for personnel in this industry at different levels. Hotels, inns, restaurants, eating jaunts are today spread all over the country and across the globe. career opportunities in this field are not only limited within the country but there are chains of hotels which operate internationally proving scope of a career abroad.  employment in the hotel industry are related to front office department, food and beverage department, accounting department security department and maintenance department etc. The hotel industry is the service industry and closely related to the travel and tourism industry, with the growth of the traveling industry hotel industry is automatically growing. 

3. Mass Media and Mass Communication:- 

                                                                      Mass Media and Mass Communication is the largest industry and has huge employment potential. Media means mediums of communications such as television, newspapers, radio, and internet media etc. these media are very popular and we use in our daily lives. Mass media refers to a section of the media which is particularly designed to reach out to a large audience. Mass communication is the academic study of the various means through which individuals and agencies transmit information through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, televisions, films, and internet etc., to large sections of the population at the same time. In the context of careers, we have dealt with the popular career options relating to Mass media and Mass communication are 
Journalism, Advertising, public relations radio jockey, video jockey, photography, and cartoonist etc.  

4. Event Management:- 

                                     Event Management is one of the tremendous career options in today's modern culture. In today's world event is not only the program, but it is also made a fashion of showing our richness. event management industry has great potential for employment. if you have a lot of imagination and can transfer your ideas into an event then this is the right profession for you. Event management is about conceptualizing event, planning it and then executing it. Event management can be divided into two segments: personal and corporate. Functions like birthday parties and weddings are now being organized by event managers. On the other hand, launching a product or a company conference needs to be professionally organized, hence the need for event management. This is a career with a lot of mental creativity, a lot of running around and finally, the satisfaction of seeing what you have accomplished. Employment opportunities are available in event management companies and as a consultant, in the corporation, one can also work independently or as a freelancer. 

friends we are trying to help you in building your successful career. we hope this information will helpful for you. in the next article we give you more and detailed information about various career options in India. friends, please comment your queries related to career options and courses information, we will be trying to solve them.  And share this post to your friends because such type of information is very essential in unemployed India. your share will be a help to any unemployed career seekers. 

In the last, Special Thought of Vichardhan's is:- 

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